Welcome to the blog of gaming!

Welcome to the blog of gaming!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

clash of clans review

Hi and we are here to do one our first reviews and this one is on the grossing game in the i.o.s app store

CLASH OF CLANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is at the top of the top grossing list in the i.o.s app store e.g its amazing graphics,also its way to be always updating the game in every event e.g summer ,christmas,halloween,easter and even when its clash of clans birthday they always put a update that is one of the main things a good game needs.

Supercell is the makers of clash of clans, so far they have only made three games but what is amazing that all three games have all been big hits and they are all
in the top 15!!!! And not many game makers can 
achieve that. In fact no game makers but supercell
can do it.

Introducing... The Gaming Bros

Hi this is D and J (DJ) blogging together on all things Gaming.

Some of our favourite games are:

- Minecraft
- Clash of Clans
- FaceQ
- Trigger fist
- Minion Rush
- Fifa (all of them)

I could go on for-ev-er.

Besides gaming we love to play footy, watch TV, eating and chatting (mainly about apps).

See you.